Aims & Code of Conduct

VASSA’s AIMS are to …

  • Promote and encourage the study of South African architecture and its associated culture
  • Organise lectures
  • Arrange excursions and study tours
  • Foster research
  • Publish original work
  • Undertake and promote the recording of sites visited
  • Publish / lodge studies or surveys in a repository for the use of students and other interested parties
  • Selectively lobby for heritage issues


  • No personal comments are to be made about the state of the house / decor etc., nor are prices to be discussed or offers made on anything.
  • Unless specifically invited by our hosts, we never sit down inside their homes, enter rooms with closed doors, or use the bathroom.
  • No objects are to be touched, or doors or drawers opened.
  • No flowers or plants are to be picked from any garden.
  • No animals are allowed on outings ever – or children without pre-arrangement.
  • No cell phones during talks & outings.
  • Wear your badge to all outings. As well as being compulsory, it’s a courtesy to fellow members as well as a safety measure to private hosts who generously allow us into their homes.
  • No photographs to be posted anywhere online of interiors / objects within dwellings we visit, unless specific permission has been requested and granted by the home owner / host.