TOPIC: A common heritage / an appropriated history: the Cape Dutch preservation and revival movement
SPEAKER: Nic Coetzer
DATE: Tuesday, 20 August 2013
TIME: 20h00
VENUE: The Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, Newlands – at the intersection of Campground & Mariendahl Roads.

In this illustrated talk, Nic Coetzer will present a chapter from his book Building Apartheid: On Architecture and Order in Imperial Cape Town.
The book is based on his doctoral research work, which explores the “significant role British architects and British architectural ideas played in facilitating white dominance and racial segregation in pre-apartheid Cape Town”.

Nic puts forward the argument that the Cape Dutch preservation and revival movement was not only driven by Arts and Crafts architectural ideas, but also the need to establish a common heritage between English and Afrikaans speaking South Africans at the Union of South Africa in 1910.

The Cape Dutch preservation and revival movement also allowed the English and Empire ideologues to appropriate a history that they had no hand in making and thereby bed themselves more convincingly into the soil of the land. The Cape Dutch gable, in particular, became a floating signifier of both union and the legitimacy of Empire at the Cape.

Nic completed his Ph.D. at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London in 2004.
Since then he has been a full-time lecturer at the University of Cape Town where he currently is convenor of the M.Arch design studio.

We honour the lives of three vernacular stalwarts …

Graeme Binckes who valiantly chaired the society between 1972 &’78 and again between 1981 & ’86.
Helen invites you to join in a celebration at his house in Rondebosch on Sunday 4th August, from 12 o’clock. This was Graeme’s wish: to be privately cremated and to have “a party” at home.

Major Philip Erskine, the seigneur of Ida’s Valley Stellenbosch, a gifted Cape landscape painter and an inimitable presence, militarily, horticulturally & socially.

Phillida Brooke Simons, respected historical writer who eloquently shared her fascination for the people and events that have helped shape contemporary SA.