Stellenbosch Heritage Inventory – Monthly Talk, November 2019

November 20, 2018 @ 7:45 pm – 9:30 pm
The Athenaeum
Boundary Terraces
at the intersection of Mariendahl Lane and Campground Road

The heritage inventory of the tangible resources In the Stellenbosch Municipality and their management

SPEAKER: Claire Abrahamse
DATE:  Tuesday, 20th November 2018
TIME: 19h45 for 20h00
VENUE: The Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, Newlands, at the intersection of Mariendahl Lane and Campground Road

The Stellenbosch Heritage Inventory and Management plan is innovative and authoritative and a significant achievement for Stellenbosch. Heritage Western Cape endorsed it on 23 May 2018.

This work, spearheaded by the late Prof. Fabio Todeschini and Liana Jansen, has been ongoing since 2016.  As it reaches the concluding stages, it is useful to reflect on the process that has been followed and lessons learned.

In particular, working as a multidisciplinary team allowed for multiple “lenses” to be applied to the cultural landscape, and interesting debate emerged as a result.  This talk will focus on the various methods used to understand and grade the heritage resources of the Stellenbosch Municipality, their interplay, and how they influenced the inventory that resulted.  Claire will also touch on the way this work has since fed into the management plan, which is currently underway.

Claire’s own fieldwork contribution to this project has been largely focussed on the Eerste River Valley, and so she will speak of the project in this context specifically, and highlight some of the patterns that have emerged from engaging within this landscape.  This wider understanding of the cultural landscape has “shifted” her own understanding of the heritage significance of various sites within this landscape over time.

Claire Abrahamse

Claire Abrahamse is an architect, urban designer and heritage practitioner.  She practises in Cape Town, and prior to this had experience working in an architectural practice in Cape Town (with Suzi du Toit, Jacqui Perrin and Nisa Mammon) as well as in Boston (with Moshe Safdie and Associates).  Claire obtained a SMArchS Urbanism degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009, which she was fortunate to attend as a Fulbright Scholar.  She obtained a B.Arch from the University of Cape Town in 2005.  She completed Dr. Stephen Townsend’s continuing professional development course in architectural and urban conservation at UCT.

Her involvement in Stellenbosch also includes work for the University, and she has consulted on proposed alterations to several historic farms within the municipal area.

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