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VASSA produces regular Journals, along with sourcing, editing and publishing a variety of reports, surveys, guides, glossaries, special issues, and reprints.
And if you have publishing or publicity skills to volunteer, please join the Publications Portfolio: 
All publications are in line with VASSA’s aims.

How to Access

All publications are available online for reading or downloading free of charge.
Note that the files are reduced in size and so the quality of the images may be reduced.
If you want good quality versions, email and we’ll send you the original version.

Donations are welcome

The cost of compiling, editing and page-setting for publication is borne by members of the Society, who do the work on a voluntary basis. We would welcome any donation you can afford! 
Simply state your initials and surname, plus the word Pubs:
VASSA / Standard Bank / Rondebosch
Branch code: 025009 / Account No: 075624257

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