TOPIC: Exploring the buildings of Normandy: Adaptive Re-use
SPEAKER: John Cornell

Finding new uses for historic buildings is a critical aspect in considering how they might be retained. In South Africa the adaptive re-use of historic buildings, particularly vernacular buildings which are not located in busy urban areas, is a particular concern. Maintaining the identity and character of the original building is very important as it changes use.

John Cornell’s look at the way this has been done in Normandy.  In his illustrated talk, he will explain how he suddenly found himself working in France (for 10 years!) and how, with weekends free and his family still in Cape Town, he began to explore the Normandy countryside and do some detective work on the many buildings he came across.

These are now no longer used in their respective original roles, but have been repurposed and re-used in a variety of imaginative ways. The examples he found range from some (rather surprising) small buildings to châteaux and even abbeys, all with a lot of history behind them!
You are encouraged to be present at our July meeting to see and hear this unusual and informative presentation!

John Cornell — a member of VASSA for several years now — is a Particle Accelerator Physicist, with a scientist’s curiosity for his surroundings and their history.