Talks are the third Tuesday of each month at 20h00.
Visitors and prospective members are welcome.
Entrance is free.

We meet at The Athenaeum in Newlands, Cape Town.
Access to the Athenaeum is at the intersection of Campground Road & Mariendahl Lane.
Drive through Boundary Terrace office park gates, proceed up & turn left into the dedicated Athenaeum parking area, where you can double park.

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Outings are usually on the fourth Saturday of each month.
These are restricted to members only, and are not suitable for young children, nor are pets allowed.

Weekend Away/ Excursion

We organise a weekend away once a year, over and above the nine outings undertaken during the year.
These excursions are limited to members only, and are always self-financing trips.
For the record, since we are a not for profit society, our fees are calculated to cover our annual running costs.