Code of Conduct

VASSA outings and excursions usually take us onto private properties, and frequently into private homes – which is a privilege deserving respect and courtesy.
The society’s list of rules may seem onerous, but it is incumbent that members abide by Vassa’s code of conduct, particularly when in groups.

Only paid up members may attend outings / excursions.
Wear your Vassa name badge with correct colour tag. It’s a courtesy to fellow members as well as a safety measure to hosts who generously allow us into their homes.
Strictly no pets ever, or children without prior arrangement.
Switch off cell phones.
Should visitors attend by prior arrangement, they need to pay the full annual membership fee for the one event.

On arrival, sign the register. Then stay close to the leader so that the host can be introduced. Do not wander off before the introduction.
On departure, gather around the leader to thank the host. Do not leave before this. But if you have to, inform the outing leader in advance.

Before taking interior photographs, check with the outing leader that this is permitted.
Do not post photographs of any interior on social media – this is deemed a security risk.
Do not touch anything / pick up porcelain to check maker’s mark / take books out of bookcases, etc.
Do not open closed doors / sit on the furniture unless invited.
Do not use the toilet without asking the host’s permission.
Do not take plant slips from the garden.
Do not voice comments about the venue to other members, positive or negative.
Positive comments may, however, be voiced to the owner.
Do not engage the host in private conversations while others are milling around.
Do not use the privilege of an outing to organise private business arrangements or return visits with the host.

Vassa outings are usually open to all members. However, certain outings may be limited.
If so, a first-come-first-served basis will apply, per a contact email address that will be provided in the newsletter. To stay alert, follow the Events page – Current Events.