How to Join

You really don’t have to be an architect to join VASSA!
Just be interested in your own backyard, and open to exploring things.
And if you are curious about the built landscape you’ll have fun, and get to know ‘as much about the Cape Dutch fantastic stuff as the simple things’, according to Society founder James Walton.
Though if you are an architect, here’s how you can benefit professionally …

Why You Should Join –  The Benefits of Membership

You enjoy ten monthly talks and outings a year given by experts, often with private access and exclusive viewing (from February to November).
These are intended as interactive opportunities to engage, as well as be stimulated … and informed.

TALKS are held on the third Tuesday of a month at The Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, Newlands, at the intersection of Campground and Mariendahl roads, at 20h00. They are open to the public and free.

OUTINGS are usually on the last Saturday of a month, and vary between full and half day events.
These are restricted to members only and frequently take you places you just could not get to by yourself.

Plus there’s an ANNUAL WEEKEND AWAY / EXCURSION which is a self-financing trip to a further-afield destination (usually over the Heritage Day long weekend in September).
This allows you the opportunity to explore things in-depth, meet the locals, and make like-minded friends among the ”Vernaccers”.

How Things Work

Since VASSA is a not for profit society, membership fees are calculated to cover the running costs, with the annual away weekend intentionally being self financing.
Rates are valid for the calendar year and inclusive (we do not levy additional charges per outing), with rare exceptions such as museum entrance fees.

We have a Code of Conduct by which members abide, and your payment indicates your acceptance and compliance with this code.

You are asked to wear your badge to all events.
Each year you’ll receive a small piece of coloured paper that you are asked to insert into your badge which acts as your proof of payment for the current year.
You’ll either receive it in person from the Membership Secretary or it will be included alongside your April newsletter that you’ll receive in your postbox – so watch out for this, even if you usually get your newsletters via email.

Membership Rates 2020

R250 per individual
R400 per family, providing you share the same address
R500 per SACAP member, which includes all certificates issued for CPD points

There is a R20 surcharge fee for payment by cheque or cash to offset bank charges VASSA_Membership_Form

Click here for How to Pay as well as to download a copy of the Membership Form should you prefer to not to interact online.