SACAP Benefit

As a SACAP professional you will be able to satisfy the CPD credit requirements informatively
and really cost-effectively.

How to Earn Points by joining VASSA

  1. Professionals are able to satisfy the CPD credit requirements for Category 1 and Category 3.
  2. In the course of a year, we present 5 talks that are accreditable for Category 1, at 0,2 credits per lecture.
  3. In addition, there are a number of outings that earn you further Category 1 credits.
  4. We also offer one weekend away each year that earns your 2.5 points.
  5. Participation in the Society’s measuring-up and recording sessions earns you Category 3 points.
  6. Writing up research work for a publication earns you further Category 3 points.
  7. Validation is done through the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, which is an Accredited Learning Site (ALS).
  8. All you have to do is provide VASSA with your SACAP number on becoming a member.
  9. And sign the society’s register at each talk / outing / weekend away you attend.
  10. For the record, membership of VASSA alone cannot earn you credits since it is not a recognised Voluntary Association (VA) in terms of SACAP.

How it Works

All it costs is an annual membership fee (R500 per person in 2024 which includes your certificate(s).
How it works is that we track your attendance over the year, and at the end of the year we issue you with a certificate per category
To find out more about rates and  payment options see here 

A professional perk on a platter! Nothing could be simpler, or more cost-effective. Join Now …

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