LOCATION: Homestead Park, Oranjezicht
LEADER: Kathy Dumbrell & HRA

Homestead Park in Oranjezicht

This month we return to the City Bowl to hear from City officials about the Conservation Management Plan* process underway at Homestead Park in Oranjezicht.
The site is fascinating and poses complex heritage management issues as it is not only home to the remains of the Oranjezicht homestead of the van Bredas, but also a children’s park and the old bowling fields now under cultivation by Oranjezicht City Farm.
Next door is the historic field of springs (we visited there a few years ago with the Camissa project people).  Restorer Jan Correwijn is currently working on the springs and interesting new material is coming to light.

Harriet Clift, Berendine Irrgang and Sjanel Martin of the Heritage Resources (HRA) Section in the City will be showing us around as they explain the process underway, what the professionals undertaking the studies have found and what it means for the management of this interesting and complex site.

*A Conservation Management Plan is the result of a process of consultation, research and assessment of the significance of and threats to a heritage site.  It is an invaluable management tool for heritage resource managers and a guideline for users and interest groups.  It is a process considered international best practice and it will be interesting to hear how our City is planning to use it in this case to the benefit of the heritage resources, the user groups, the public and

The house was demolished in 1955 but the bell tower and pieces of the old walls remain and have been proclaimed. In 1731 Pieter van Breda bought Oranjezicht. His son Michiel enlarged the property in 1769 and possibly built a larger house. By 1851 the farm was over 213 morgen in extent.
The second Michiel van Breda acquired the property in 1804 and he must have raised it to two storeys and Georgianized it.