LOCATION: Darling and Mamre
LEADER: Hans Fransen

As a sequel to Hans Fransen’s lecture on the “Vernacular of Cape Town Design”, he will take us on an investigation at ground level of two towns, representative of the two main types of layout.

The first port of call will be Darling (1853, well predating Pieter-Dirk Uys), a good and attractive example of the rectilinear “planned town”.

The other will be mission town Mamre (1807), not far away, with its organic layout intended to provide strips of arable land to its inhabitants.

Participants will assemble at the Darling Museum, on its street corner one block away from the Art Deco D.R. Church, where an introductory talk will be given. Head for the church steeple! There will be plenty parking available. This will be followed by a brief tour of the village.

Then we will move on to Mamre, a quarter of an hour away, where we will assemble on the magificent “kerkwerf”, by the large Moravian mission church. This, too, will be followed by a walk-about.
Please bring a picnic basket, which we can enjoy at an idyllic spot near the old mill.