SPEAKER:     Pat Kramer
DATE:              Tuesday, 18 February 2014
TIME:              20h00
VENUE:          The Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, Newlands – at the intersection of  Campground and Mariendahl Roads.

Pat Kramer saw corbelled buildings for the first time in 2006 while on the Vernacs weekend away to Loxton and Carnarvon in the Karoo and decided there and then to find out more about them.

In the course of this research, thousands of kilometres were travelled and over 170 corbelled buildings located and recorded.
This work resulted in a masters degree in archaeology from the University of Cape Town.

Pat’s illustrated talk will deal with the questions everyone asks: who, why, when, how and where, and although definitive answers to some of these questions still elude us, various theories will be discussed.

The extensions or additions to corbelled buildings will also be touched on as these interesting features that give us clues as to how the builders saw themselves and wished to be perceived by others.