TOPIC:             Our Written Record: Helping you search in the archival records
SPEAKER:       Kathleen Schultz
DATE:               Tuesday, 19 July 2011
TIME:               20h00
VENUE:            The Athenaeum, Boundary Terraces, Newlands – at the intersection of Mariendahl & Campground Rds.

Kathleen Schulz has spent a considerable part of her life researching the history of the Western Cape, both early and contemporary.

She will guide you through some of the lesser used collections in the archives in order to demonstrate their importance when interpreting our understanding of the past.


In the Dec 2005 Journal we paid tribute to a number of Octaganerian Vernackers.

One of these was Joanna Sharland, a former mayor of Bulawayo in the 70’s who with her husband Clive lived in a historic Simon’s Town cottage and became involved in local affairs.
She was introduced to the Vernacs by June Sykes at an outing to the Sandveld and will be remembered by us as an intrepid member and a valiant walker.
We mourn her passing and her sparkle.