LOCATION: Perspectives on Bo-Kaap and its Heritage
LEADER: Janine de Waal, Jim Hislop,Quahnita Samie

From the Bo-Kaap Museum Jim Hislop, (an architect currently completing her postgraduate dissertation), will walk us around the areJim Hislopa she has worked on and tell us about the experience and process.

Then, Jim Hislop, (a VASSA member who researches the history of forgotten corners of Cape Town in his spare time), will lead us past buildings that formed part of the Scotschekloof opstal and tell us about his research into this complex.
En route we will look at the surviving complex of buildings and discuss its architectural evolution and the issues that 81 Dorp Street faces.

Scotschekloof’s origins can be traced back to a market garden of the same name in what is now the Bo-Kaap, situated on the lower slopes of Lion’s Head and granted to free burgher Andries Thomasz in 1707.

Then back to the Museum where Quahnita Samie, (a heritage consultant and Bokaap resident), will tell us about the exhibition in the Community Hall which she co-curated with Iziko: ‘Mapping Bo-Kaap: History, Memories and Spaces’.
It was inspired by a mapping survey project which set out to establish a sense of the nature and location of significant spaces in the area from the residents. It was hoped that the display would be a catalyst for ongoing dialogue with residents and would encourage them to share their stories and memories with Iziko Museums.

Three local lunch recommendations from Quahnita: Biesmiellah in Wale Street, Bo-Kaap Kombuis in Yusuf Drive and Noon Gun restaurant at the top of Longmarket Street.