Foreword – Elize Mendelsohn
What’s right, what’s left … formulating a workshop – Elize Mendelsohn
Childhood memories of the village of McGregor – Marshallene Harris
Background to conservation efforts in McGregor – McGregorHeritage Society: Jane Banks / Helaine Shand
Conservation by Todeschini and Japha 1993 – Karin Dugmore-Ström
Die Kampterrein – Kathy Dumbrell
A legal overview of heritage-related policies applicable to McGregor – Louise van Riet
Approaches to design in historic places – Stephen Townsend
Understanding character – Elize Mendelsohn
What do we value about urban heritage? – Matthew Gray
The Vernacular in McGregor – Hélène van der Merwe
Walkabout 1 / Character Appraisal – Elize Mendelsohn & Hélène van der Merwe
Walkabout 2 / Evaluation – Elize Mendelsohn and Hélène van der Merwe
Sunday morning Reflections – Elize Mendelsohn
Workshop Findings  – The Workshop Team
Workshop Conclusions – The Workshop Team
Workshop Recommendations – The Workshop Team
Tributes: VASSA / Kathy Dumbrell / Karin Dugmore Ström

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