SPEAKER:     Annelise Krüger-Liptrot
DATE:            Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013
TIME:              20h00
VENUE:          The Athenaeum
Boundary Terraces, Newlands – at the intersection of  Campground & Mariendahl Roads.

Ganzekraal is a farm dating to the early 18th century.  It was a key farm in the Groene Kloof (as the area north of Rietvlei and all the way to Geelbek on the Langebaan Lagoon was referred to in the time of the VOC) and is significant as part of the network of farms and buiteposte that stretched the VoC influence all the way from the Castle to Saldanha Bay.

Sadly, this a farm that the Vernacs have been dismally watching deteriorate steadily since it was expropriated by the State in the latter 1970s.

However, a new initiative to restore Ganzekraal is underway, spearheaded by locals, including John Duckitt and Annelise Krüger-Liptrot, who will be talking to us.  They are drawing in a range of experts to assist in the different sub-components of this big project.   Annelise will be outlining the evolution of this new initiative and sharing her passion for the place.

Annelise Krüger-Liptrot is a passionate activist for the environment, whose first big campaign was the “Save Sandy Bay” initiative.  Her home in Grotto Bay was designed by the Fagans and is built of rammed earth – a natural building technique.  She has now taken up the challenge of restoring Ganzekraal and is rallying a wide range of people in a passionate campaign.