This month we will be travelling out of the city to visit four farms in the Darling area.

None of the four are showcase houses – they are on working farms and lived in by families. As such they reveal all the problems of living in an old building while keeping up the constant maintenance.  They should be of great interest to all Vernacs.

unnamed (2)
The Towers (From The Swartland Rural Heritage Survey by Andre Pentz)

DATE &TIME09:15 for 09:30 on Saturday 29th July 2017.

Outing coordinator:  Pat Kramer: 082 797 1946

We will meet at the Groote Post turnoff on the R27 and we should finish by mid-afternoon.  Bring a picnic lunch.  Be prepared for rainy conditions!

unnamed (3)
Cottage at Waylands (From The Swartland Rural heritage Survey by Andre Pentz)


Detailed directions and more information about the farms will be sent closer to the time when details have been finalized.

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Farmhouse at Waylands (From The Swartland Rural heritage Survey by Andre Pentz)


Sharon Barry-Taylor has offered to coordinate lifts for both those offering a lift and those needing a lift.  This should cater for those who do not wish to drive far out of the city, whilst at the same time cutting fuel costs and Sharon will work out what each person in the car should pay towards the trip.

Sharon writes:
“It will help to make our trips economical & I would like to work on a calculation of cost per km so that it would be fairly accurate on ongoing current prices. I am on Whatsapp 076 562 8151 which would be useful to communicate on as it is cheap & we could form groups who take turns in areas where we live.
My home phone number is 021 6711387-  there is an answering machine after 4 rings & I am prepared to phone back after 7 pm or at a weekends when I get free calls”.

PLEASE NOTE: VASSA outings are fully paid-up members only. Please wear your badge at all times.