Report: Elandsberg, Maguire 2017


Locality and environment
Period 1: The Pre-Colonial era: earliest times to 1740
Elandsberg in the pre-colonial period
Period 2: The Trek period, Pioneer phase and establishment: 1740-1866
Elandsberg during the Trekboer and Pioneer phase
The ‘Elandsberg 1’ locality
The move to the Elandsberg main site
Life at Elandsberg during the Trekboer and Pioneer period
Elandsberg during the establishment period: 1830 to 1866
Elandsberg as a T-shaped dwelling-house: some comparisons and temporal context
Possible dates for these T-shaped houses
The garden at Elandsberg and its bearing on dating
A note on the stone-built kraals
The possible age of the Elandsberg house: Conclusion
Period 3: The Heyday of the Karoo: merinos, ostriches and the wool boom: 1866-1960
Elandsberg in the Heyday period: 1866 to 1960
End of the 19th century|
First half of the 20th century
Table 1 Inventions, introductions and developments in the Heyday Period
Period 4: Post-boom depopulation: after 1960

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