The farm Avontuur, also known as Grasberg, Onder-Bokkeveld.

When Maureen Archer interviewed Johannes Paulus Kotze during the VASSA survey of Klipperivier/Willemsrivier, he mentioned other vierkantplaase including the farm Grasberg (Avontuur).

The farm Avontuur, also known as Grasberg, Onder-Bokkeveld, is sandwiched between Klipperivier/Willemsrivier and Bokkefontein to the north.
Distinguished mainly for the beautiful two-storey flat-roofed farm house situated there, not much investigation was carried out on the farm history.

VASSA member Julia Meintjes organised a visit to the house in 2003 and this report by Nigel Amschwand is based on the brief survey carried out at that time plus some later background research.

VASSA Report Amschwand Avontuur-Grasberg 2013