TOPIC:  Undertaking the Swartland Rural Heritage Survey
SPEAKER: André Pentz

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Images from Alex Dodge and The Swartland Rural Heritage Survey by Andre Pentz  

Andre Pentz prepared the Swartland Rural Heritage Survey in 2014.The survey has helped enormously to identify the range of historical buildings in the area including many previously unknown farms and farm complexes.
Since the report documents the farms in some detail it has highlighted a number of farms which had not been previously recorded.
For VASSA, this has been of enormous benefit and will make the potential identification and recognition of the vernacular landscape so much easier- and assists greatly with planned outings.
André will speak on the way that the survey was undertaken.

The survey forms part of a series of inventories done as part of a Rural Heritage Survey, for the seven rural wards of the Swartland Municipality: The findings of the report are intended to provide guidance to the Municipality and other authorities in the assessment of heritage significance of rural buildings.

The structures identified as having potential heritage significance are generally those that are older than 60 years in age i.e. structures that were built before 1955, which may include structures to which later additions or alterations have been made.

André Pentz
André Pentz is registered with SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession) and SACPLAN (South African Council of Planners), is a member of UDISA (Urban Design Institute of South Africa) and APHP (Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners).
He has over 30 years of experience working as a built environment professional, including 15 years as a heritage practitioner.
He works in partnership with Andrew Berman in the practice Pentz & Berman and also Urban Design Services cc.
André has prepared a number of heritage surveys of both urban and rural areas which have been of major importance in the location and identification of buildings of significance in these areas.