To find out why this fruitful collaborative oral history project started – and how it captured the stories of the people of the Sandveld … look over the informative reports below

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The aim of the project was to make an audio-visual record of the stories of families associated with Southern Sandveld farms and settlements, to identify and record the built environment and cultural landscape, and to carry out archival research related to tracing the past history of these families and places.
The recording process had already started in 2011 on the farms Wagenpad and ‘t Voetpad (Ezelshoek).

The team comprised Carohn Cornell who works mainly in the field of public history, as an oral history interviewer and as a writer and/or editor of exhibition texts and publications for community-based researchers.
Liane Greeff specialises in photography and videography: filming, editing and producing videos regarding environmental and social justice and water-related issues.
Antonia Malan is a historical archaeologist with many years of experience as an academic and a heritage consultant. She is a trustee of the Tracing History Trust and edits the VASSA Journalon behalf of the Vernacular Architecture Society of South Africa.
Kay McCormick has retired from Applied Linguistic Studies at UCT, and is developing expertise as a photographer for social history projects.
Leon van Wyk and Claire James recordeded and transcribed the interviews. 
The team was assisted by Maureen Archer (VASSA member and oral historian), Elsa Naudé (born Burger, a local family) and Guy Thomas (MA candidate, Department of Archaeology, UCT

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