The Gamkaskloof area – Baviaanskloof, Oosenberg, Brandberg, Kleinberg

Notes include lengthy and interesting details on the development of Gamkaskloof (Lion Gorge) valley from the 1800s as well as detailed descriptions of the houses visited, including description of the furniture inside these houses, features on the properties, a description of watermills.

The report also provides description of the people, demographics, stratification, and the typical Gamkaskloof household, household members and kin groups, as well as description of ecological setting and flora and fauna to be found in the area.

The notes include descriptions of common daily pastimes conducted by the inhabitants as well accounts of oral traditions and folk remedies used in the region. The notes also include illustrations, old historical photographs, and a diagram of a watermill and floor plans of several of the buildings.

Notes were compiled by Thys Hattingh, assisted by Val Taylor, Kathy Dumbrell, Joanna Marx, Antonia Malan and Guido Lugtenburg

Gamkaskloof Oct 99